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    2. 小升初英語面試自我介紹范文7篇

      時間:2024-03-01 作者:Trick 個人簡歷




      hello! (sir / madam / ladies and gentleman)

      my name's (中文名字), and you can call me (英文名字).

      i'm eleven years old.i study in……primary school,and i'm in class 5,grade 5.there're three people in my family,they're……my mother is a (職業)……my father is a (職業)……i do love my happy warm family!in addition,i'm sunny boy with lots of hobbies, for instance,stamp-collecting, swimming,reading, etc.but i prefer……because……and i have learned since i was……years old.soon i will graduate from primary school, and i sincerely hope that i can continue to study at this school.thanks for your attention!


      my name is ________. i am graduate from ________ senior high school and major in ________. there are ________ people in my family. my father works in a computer company. and my mother is a housewife. i am the youngest one in my family. in my spare time, i like to read novels. i think reading could enlarge my knowledge. as for novels, i could imagine whatever i like such as a well-known scientist or a kung-fu master. in addition to reading, i also like to play pc games. a lot of grownups think playing pc games hinders the students from learning. but i think pc games could motivate me to learn something such as english or japanese.my favorite course is english because i think it is interesting to say one thing via different sounds. i wish my english could be improved in the next four years and be able to speak fluent english in the future.


      i am xxx. i was born in xxx. i graduate fr-om senior high school and major in english. i started learning english since i was 12 years old. my parents have a lot of american friends. that’s why i have no problem communicating with americans or others by speaking english. in my spare time, i like to do anything relating to english such as listening to english songs, watching english movies or tv programs, or even attending the activities held by some english clubs or institutes. i used to go abroad for a short- term english study. during that time, i learned a lot of daily life english and saw a lot of different things. i think language is very interesting. i could express one substance by using different sounds. so i wish i could study and read more english literatures and enlarge my knowledge.


      i am a 12 years old boy. smart and handsome. i am proud of myself. because i can get perfect scores in chinese, maths and english. it is not good enough. i am also proud of being an elder brother. that is a friday evening, my baby brother was crying all the time. my parents were both cooking for dinner. i said to my mum, let me look after this little thing. my mum said, "are you sure you can?" "yes ,believe me i can." i answered. then mum went to the kitchen. i went towards my baby brother." oh baby, don't cry. i will sing a song for you…" i carried him and sing songs for him. after a while, he was asleep. i was so tired. my parents were happy and praised me a good boy. this is my first time to look after my baby brother and i feel proud of myself.


      this is my self-introduction.thank you, teacher!

      hello, everybody, i am xxx, from xxx primary school, i am very happy to stand here, i am a warm and cheerful girl, i am positive, lively and optimistic.i treat people sincerely, respect teachers and love teachers, smart and enthusiastic, and unite students.

      i love life, good at thinking, diligent in thinking, helpful, responsible for work, love the collective, is the teacher's assistant, good partner of classmates.i have a wide range of interests, such as writing, swimming, skating, tennis, painting, reading, singing, dancing, writing, photography, science and technology production.i love writing.i have published more than twenty essays on edegree photography, science and technology production.i love writing.i have published more than twenty essays on edegree composition network.

      i am a girl with all-round development of morality, intellect and physique.i am not satisfied with the study in class.i have been enrolled in the olympic mathematical class of learning and thinking since the fourth grade, and have achieved excellent results.i love english and am good at oral munication.i always take an active part in all kinds of school activities, and i am also willing to help my classmates.therefore, when the class organizes activities or students need help, teachers and students always think of me.such as blackboard newspapers, cleaning, helping students buy books and stationery, and so on.in class, i always raise my hands and speak actively, never timidly.in the class, i ranked first in the grade and got the first place in the class of the municipal unified examination.

      i am also very good at liberal arts.in my spare time, i learned new concepts, cambridge and other english.in the language learning has also achieved very good results, in the "spring bud cup" has also been awarded many times.my expressive ability is very outstanding, and my writing ability is also very strong.i have a strong interest in learning and a strong thirst for knowledge.i like to ask the truth about everything.my understanding is also very high.i can learn it as soon as i learn it. good morning, dear teachers and classmates. it's a great pleasure to be here today for an interview.it's a great honor to meet all the teachers.my name is sun qizheng.sun yat-sen is sun yat-sen.qi is the inspiration and the correct one.so, my parents gave me a name like this, hoping that i could be a decent and correct person.


      good morning teacher, isquo;m li lei, isquo;m 12 years now. i have many hobbies. when i am free, i will spend time on my hobbies. when i am in a blue mood, i will also do my hobbies to cheer myself up. one of my hobbies is playing computer after school. but i seldom playing games on the computer, because i think it can waste much time. most of the time i have a chat on the qq with my friends. we chat about everything on it, such as, the homework, the film stars, the football games… it is the happiest time to chat with my friends. but i stopped chatting on it last month, because i must work harder on my study in order to get into a good middle school.


      hello, teachers! my name is xxx, from xx primary school.

      in school, as the leader of the class and member of the grade brigade, my academic performance has always been in the top rank.i like mathematics and art, because i like doing exercises and drawing.i am also the representative of our art class.i began to study olympiad mathematics in the fourth grade, and i enjoyed immersing myself in the process of doing problems.through hard work, i won the first prize of xxx cup in the fifth grade.i am also keen on writing.when i appreciate my position, i will have a sense of pride.

      after class, i have a wide range of interests, piano, swimming, go are my favorite.i especially like go, because it makes me calm and calm.this mentality is also helpful in learning olympic mathematics.

      my ideal is to be a teacher and impart what i have learned to more people.

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